dan Berge


 oregon city MAYOR

Who I AM

Dan Berge is experienced conducting business globally, building relationships while working with the USIA representing the USA directly with foreign governments around the world.

Dan Berge is an entrepreneur, business owner, veteran, inventor, visionary, corporate aviation pilot, experienced amateur radio operator who has successfully bounced radio signals off the moon, no political agenda and is an advocate for more transparency and community involvement with our local city government.

Dan Berge has the ability to effectively 
lead, coordinate, delegate and is able to manage multiple projects simultaneously meeting budget and timeline parameters. He works within laws/rules/charters of city, state, federal, international governments and community organizations.

"When I am in office Your vote is my vote.  As Mayor your comments will be shared with your collective vote in real time to the other commissioners."
Dan Berge -

Candidate for Mayor Oregon City


  • Lower our utility bills.
  • Lower our City costs using detailed rotation
  • Funding method cost analysis.
  • Start with all the City departments ASAP.
  • Save our older unique and large trees.  
  • Plan the future health of our children and planet.
  • Reduce the consultants costs with better use of the employees

Long term goals

  • Apply State and Federal funds to repair roads, sewer, water and human services.
  • Define all goals in more detail for our City employees.
  • Make real sense out of our City codes (too many “subjects to”) hard to understand.
  • City citizen groups such as (CIC) Citizen Involvement Committee  or citizens directly in real time voting input on City web-pages.
  • It's critical that our City employees know you've heard them, even if immediate change is not possible. Listening to our employees boosts employee morale, their engagement and job satisfaction. It inspires positive change in the workplace and has an equally positive impact on the performance of our City.
It's time for change


Dan Berge

For Mayor


A Vote for Dan Berge for Mayor is a Vote for change.

Nov 8, 2022 Mayoral Election

Oregon City will have other election November 8, 2022 to elect a new Mayor. 

The following candidates for Mayor

  • Dan Berge
  • Denyse McGriff


There are many issues with the homeless. We have state, county and city resources all of these need to be coordinated. I will use input from the citizens on my website voteorcity.com.  I will listen to the majority of the citizens with open communications using the most current high technology web access.

Changes that can happen

Members of the CIC are appointed  by the Mayor and City Commissioners.  Denyse McGriff is elected for Mayor her commissioner seat was vacated and now can appoint one of her favorites for the City Commission position. This would give her too much control.  I want to have more citizens input to what’s going on.

I will always be for a clean, historical and livable Oregon City.

Politician and commissioners with personal agendas need to go.  I have worked many years trying to change things from the outside now is the time to change from the inside.

Dan Berge for Mayor